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New in 2013 (October) -Farmer Will Allen and the Growing Table wiith illustrations by first time children's book illustrator Eric Shabazz Larkin and published by Readers to Eaters. Eric Shabazz Larkin is a film maker, fine artist, and a creative director in advertising. He is also a founder of the Creative School of Thought, a group of artists that produce content for public art and social change. A native of Virginia, he lives in New York City. Visit his virtual home at www.whateveriwanttobe.com

February 2011
100.1 FM KRUU - Fairfield Iowa--Cheryl Fusco Johnson  interviews Jacqueline Briggs Martin about her writing and her books, specifically The Chiru of High Tibet.
20110204 - Writer's Voices - Jacqeline (sic) Briggs Martin | KRUU-LP 100.1 FM

June 2010
New-- The Chiru of High Tibet book trailer

January 2010
Coming in the fall -- 2010
The Chiru of High Tibet

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